Terms and Conditions / FAQs

T&Cs ‘ㅂ’

I suppose all customers have agreed to my T&Cs before purchasing.

(1) Endlesslimits7 reserves all rights to edit any info or rules on this site without prior notices.
(2) For enquiries,
– Email to inpiniteuz@hotmail.com
– Mention @ramyungg/@endlesslimits7
(3) Strictly no backing out after confirming of orders/payment. However if you really want to back out, I don’t mind because money won’t be returned no matter what. Also, a back out fee of $5 will be charged.
(4) Items that are not collected after 2 weeks will be confiscated. {Unless there are special reasons.}
(5) Money will be return under these circumstances:
– Supplier MIAed and I have not send in the payment -> 100%
– Items are out of stock and you’ve made payment-> 100%
(6) NO REFUNDING OR EXCHANGING. This would be unfair to other customers who had their items swapped.
(7) Note that posters will be given according to availability, and they may got out of print anytime.
(8) Estimated time for items to reach Singapore would be around 8-9 weeks for autographed albums, 1-2weeks for non-autographed albums after pre-order date. Delay may occur sometimes due to weight. If you can’t afford to wait for your items, especially when it gets delayed/for autographed albums, please do not order, thank you.

(10) I do not wish to blacklist any of my customers so please read ALL T&Cs before purchasing as I had bad experience with some of the previous customers. Also, if you do not trust me, kindly do not purchase from me as there is no point purchasing from someone whom you don’t trust.


All prices are stated in Singapore Dollars.

Oversea customers to transfer money via PayPal in USD.

FAQs ´ω`

(1) What are the paying methods?
(2) Will the albums be counted into the Hanteo Charts?
(3) Can you lower the price?
Items are already set at a low price. However, there will be discounts given if you’re a regular customer!
(4) Are items stated inclusive of shipping fees?
(5) Where do you ship other than Singapore?

I ship worldwide! Kindly email me before transferring money! I’ll inform you about the amount to pay for shipping fees.

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