INFINITE – L Bravo Viewtiful Photo Essay

L’s-Bravo-Viewtiful-photobook1 ls-bravo-viewtiful-postcards

Price: $29 and free gift ^_^

Includes: Photobook, Making DVD(26 mins), 7 Photocards, Notepad, Poster(while stocks last!)

*My supplier have already managed to secure 30 photobooks for me, so send in your order ASAP to secure yours! 😉


Release Date: 15 May 2013


47 thoughts on “INFINITE – L Bravo Viewtiful Photo Essay

  1. Hi,
    I would like to ask if it has been fully ordered, as I would like to place an order if it is still available. Thanks

  2. I would like to order one too.I’ll refer my money soon. Can i ask how we can get it from u?


  3. Can i have an order pls? Can u explain me first how i can get it and how i can transfer the money for u?


  4. If i am an international buyer and have paid the money and so as the order form, how can i know when the package will arrived? Will u send an email to the buyer? Thank you 🙂

  5. Umm, can I ask? I am just a tourist here in Singapore I would like to ask if there is a store here in Singapore selling it.? Please reply asap:) Thank You

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