B.A.P Official Merchandises

B.A.P SloganB.A.P Official Merchandises

Official Slogan: $14.50 $14

Official Whistle: $14.50 $14

Official Matoki Lightstick: $38 $37

Half-sleeve T-Shirt (Med ONLY): $42

Clear File Set: $13

Sticker Set: $13

Mask: $13

Tattoo Sticker: $13

Autographed CD (Able to ask one member to sign to your name, top up $1.50 for a small message!): $60

*All items are the updated versions!
*If you want to take supplies from me, do inform me either by emailing me at inpiniteuz@hotmail.com or mention me at @ramyungg~ There will be discounts! 🙂



37 thoughts on “B.A.P Official Merchandises

  1. So, once I send an order form then you send me an order status showing how much to pay (final price)? We won’t have to pay directly after sending an order form right??….because I sent an order form thinking I won’t have to pay until you send me an order status….can you p,ease explain to me? Sorry >~<

    • An email confirmation of you order will be sent to you regarding th total price. You will only need to pay after you receive th account number/PayPal email. And send in your order form ASAP as I only have a few spots left

  2. what is the discount if i want to buy all 3? and when you send the confirmation email it will include the total amount with the shipping right?

  3. How many overseas order spots are left??? I sent my order form and I was wondering if its possible to save my spot at my email….I’m paying it FOR SURE. But my Mom is taking longer than I thought to pay (we’ll pay in about 6 hours) because it is 4:00 am here and I need to sleep. >~< I was hoping I wouldnt lose my spot as one of the 15 overseas orders (person). PLEASE reply ASAP.

  4. really really want to get the slogan and whistle but im scared i wont have enough money for shipping… 😦 ~what should i do?…

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