B.A.P – Official Matoki Lightstick


Price: SGD38 [cappings – 3; minus $0.50 each]

[!] There will be a decrease in price if I get more than 30 orders~ Email me if you’re taking supplies from me for this lightstick ^^ There will be a discount!



Order and payment deadline: –

*Batch 2 preorder IS OPENED!  🙂

**I may be taking in B.A.P Official whistle and towel orders, so just send in your order form together with the Matoki Lightstick if you’re interesed! Serious buyers for Towels and Whistles only! Serious buyers: NO cancelling of orders after you’ve been informed about the price of the whistles and towels. Discounts will be given if you purchase more than 3 towels and whistles. 🙂 Your order for whistles and towels will be in Batch 1 if you have already preordered from me during preorder batch 2 for Matoki Lightstick.

Email me or mention @ramyungg for anything unsure! ^^


67 thoughts on “B.A.P – Official Matoki Lightstick

  1. Hi:) this is my first time here, so I am not sure how to even order>< May I know how to? I really would like the Matoki Lightstick and just the whistle and I am from Singapore. Is it still available?

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you ship to the States, specifically NY? I was thinking of doing a bulk order for the BAP concert that’s happening in May here. If I could get a group of fans to purchase whistles and lightsticks, what would the prices in USD be?

  3. haai, im also a first timer around here ^^;. im from the USA…do you guys ship there? also, do you have anymore light sticks, whistles, or towels? [ i need them for the concert ; ; ]

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