2NE1 New Evolution Official Merchandise

Lightstick: $28
Badge Set: $29
Cheering Towel: $23
Clear File Set: $18
Cross Bag: $44
Heart Badge Set: $29
Image Picket: $19
Mesh T-shirt: $50
Notebook Set: $22
Paper Picture Frame: $15
Pendant Bracelet & Earring Set (Bom/Dara/Minzy): $40
Pendant Necklace: $40
Pin Button Set: $18
Playing Cards: $35
Pouch: $28
Sleeveless Shirt (Black/White, Men Size): $38
Sleeveless Shirt (Black/White/Green/Purple, Women Size): $38
Sticker Set: $15
Tattoo Sticker Set: $15
Trump Team T-shirt (M/L): $45

Please state clearly which member/size/colour where applicable.


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